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Every small business owner should be asking “Can you find me on Google My Business ?” If the answer is no, you may just be missing out on the best opportunity regarding how to get indexed by Google my business, Directory Submission.

When you add your business to google maps, you give yourself an opportunity to be seen at the top of the Google® search results. Google my business is often one of the only opportunities you might have to do so without hiring a search engine optimization service to help achieve that via an organic listing. Many business owners spend time running around trying to figure out how to get on top of Google my business when that is sometimes as simple as just trying to getting on Google® Maps.

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Directory Submission


So, how does Google my business work? First, you want to search and see if they have a listing already created. If they do, it’s as simple as claiming your maps listing. Most of the time, however, you’ll have to build your listing from scratch. In a future post, we’ll get into a little more depth regarding adding your business to Google my business.

How To Get Traffic To Your Site through Directory Submission?

Why is having a Directory listing for your business so important? This is the easy answer to how to get traffic to your site. When people search for businesses, they often do so with a local qualifier. Additionally, if you find me on google it will quickly get listed, Google my business is pretty much knowing where you are, via your i.p. Address, and will often return local search results even if you don’t include the local qualifier. A fully completed, well-optimized Google my business listing, will put you (and your site) in a higher, more visible position in the search results, increasing the odds that the potential customer will find their way to your site.

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Most small business owners want to know how to get more sales, and, in today’s climate, internet marketing for small businesses could be the smartest and most cost-effective choice of all. Claiming or creating a Google my business page costs nothing but your time, and maybe the way to achieve the results. In a future post, we’ll discuss how to get to the top of Google my business.

So, you were looking for how to get your site listed on Google my business? Claim or create your business on Google my business page today!.


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