Why keyword research is a pivotal for SEO

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Why keyword research is a pivotal for SEO

Literally thousands of other marketers and SEOs have already searched that exact same keyword.Unless you’re very lucky, you won’t find anything resembling a low-competition keyword to target so that Keyword research is the process of looking into what users type into search engines to find what they’re looking for.

It takes into account data like the number of people searching for a particular keyword or topic, how competitive a website needs to be to rank for those keywords in search engine results, and how search engines interpret user searches.

Banishes  the  irrelevant

Our first stop here: search volume. According to The Search Engine Journal, search volume is yesterday’s trend for search engine optimization and barely relevant even for Google Ad Words.

When you work for a small business, this becomes even more pertinent.

It’s quite simple that  you don’t want to waste time trying to get all the clients, That’s not going to happen. Instead, you need to focus on those you can get and on those you want to get.

From a content and SEO point of view, this means creating the right kind of content at the right time for the right people. I know, getting everything right may sound overwhelming. But if your keyword research is customer-centric, you’re halfway there.

 CPC (Cost Per Click)

You might know that CPC is a metric typically associated with paid advertising (or PPC–pay per click), but it can be a useful metric to understand in terms of organic keyword research, as well.

Looking at the CPC for a given keyword gives you an idea of what your potential competitors are willing to pay to show up in the ads for that particular search. You can get an idea of how valuable that keyword is.

Research is the Backbone of Keyword Congregation

Keyword clustering is gaining a lot of traction in SEO because it helps you optimize a single page for many keywords and improve your ranking potential. Before you can start clustering, however, you have to conduct keyword research. You will want to look for certain themes within your keywords to create a core topic. Research helps you to thematically group keywords into a core topic with related subtopics keywords. You can build your content around these core topics to help your pages rank better in search engines.

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